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About be!Eko

From the beginning, the idea of "Be eko" was created
by a mum for her daughter,
and is still going on, because everything starts with first steps.

Be Eko was founded in 2013, inspired by the needs of young parents who tried to find healthy, specialized shoes for children, which as it turned out appealed to a large group of local parents.

Our motto is: "Come with us for the health of our children," We also created a logo with the phrase "be! Eko. Raising parental awareness of children’s health and safety is priceless for our brand.

Be! Eko also creates opportunities for collaboration and brand development at various levels in our broader community.

We support the social campaign WAKE UP YOUR SENSITIVITY, whose aim is to create awareness in encouraging the adaptation of a common public space for children and raise public awareness to the needs of pregnant women.

„Wake up your sensitivity" - Certificate for be!Eko

We also create local initiatives such as Get CAP-tured. Its purpose is to encourage taking care of our environment. We systematically and actively collect plastic bottle caps to help children with disabilities.


Nakręcenie w pomaganie - "Wspólna droga"


And it works! Just „be!Eko”!


The advantage of our business is our  ABILITY to deal with the complexity of:

  • Diagnosing children's posture, feet, knees
  • SELECTION AND SALES of SHOES and INSERTS for shoes personalized according to the individual needs of our clients
  • SHOE SALE especially those prophylactic certified for healthy feet including the renowned Polish manufacturers Daniel, Aurelka and Renbut


We are the only company in Pomerania, which has a complete system to carry out the assessment of balance, gait, foot and body posture, called FreeMed Posture


We are waiting for children in preschool and school with posture, valgus, knee, and feet problems.

Parents are also welcome, because prevention and choosing the right footwear is of particular importance in the proper development of the child.

Come and find out for yourself.
See you soon!

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